The Mission of The Bowman Trust

Our mission is to continue the horticultural beautification of Hershey and to enrich the lives of residents, visitors, and the community at large. Through fundraising efforts, the Trust has been able to maintain the flowering baskets along Chocolate Avenue and since 2002 the wreaths that adorn the Kiss lights during the Holiday season. We have also funded and supported many beautification projects throughout Derry Township with the maintenance provided by the Hershey Nursery and Township Parks Department.

The Trust is funded through the solicitation of contributions from the public at large including businesses, civic organizations and individuals. Since our inception, the Board of Trustees has been extremely gratified with the contributions received from the general public and local businesses. The Trust has established a faithful following of donors who contribute to the baskets and wreaths on an annual basis. These donations are our source of revenue to be able to continue to beautify Hershey. We have also expanded out to hanging wreaths as well as funding different projects that make Hershey a better and more attractive place to live in or visit!

Your Impact

You are what fuels our organization and continued success. Your generous support will enable the Bowman Trust to continue its mission of horticultural beautification of Hershey.

We would also like to hear you guys come forth and share new ideas and opportunities that we could possibly take on. Together we can facilitate and coordinate the creation of quality beautification projects. Your opinion matters to us!