Block Sponsors

Since the inception of the hanging baskets in 1996, the William S. Bowman Trust has contracted maintenance of the hanging baskets with the Hershey Nursery. As soon as the baskets are hung in May until they are taken down in October, the Hershey Nursery waters the baskets daily starting at 5:00 a.m., unless there is a significant amount of rain.

The soil moisture is checked on rainy days in order to ensure the baskets are sufficiently hydrated and if necessary daily watering is skipped. Along with watering, the Hershey Nursery fertilizes the baskets once a week in May and June, twice a week in July, and up to three times a week in August and September. In addition, the baskets are also inspected for insects weekly. With a minimum donation of $500, you will be recognized as a “Block Sponsor.”

2018 Block Sponsors

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