The Bowman trust is a charitable non-profit organization aimed at beautifying Hershey. Established in March 1996 in honor of, now in memory of, our dear friend Bill Bowman. Inspired by his vision to make Hershey a more beautiful place.

Bill was retired General Manager of the Hershey Nursery and former Director of the Hershey Gardens. It was his idea and vision to hang flowering baskets form the Kiss lights in Hershey, a touch of color so quaint that the idea was adopted by other municipalities.

Board of Directors

Trish Foulkrod: President

In 1996, over dinner with Carole and Bill Bowman and Trish and Wally Foulkrod, Bill’s idea of hanging baskets along Chocolate Avenue became the William S. Bowman Trust for the Horticultural Beautification of Hershey. Trish and Bill worked together on many projects at the Gardens while serving on the Hershey Gardens Advisory Board. Beautifying the town was a natural progression. Trish believes in the importance of keeping the town of Hershey looking beautiful for residents and tourists alike, as well as providing educational opportunities emphasizing the importance horticulture plays in our daily lives. Trish serves on the Advisory Board of Hershey Gardens, is active in the Hershey Horticulture Society and serves on the board of the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art.

Ashie Santangelo: Secretary

Ashie Santangelo has been a member of The William S Bowman Trust since its inception in 1996. Living downtown, Ashie knows that Hershey is a beautiful place and wants to keep it that way by encouraging more people to notice horticultural beauty. Ashie is also a past president of the Hershey Horticulture Society, on the board at the Hershey Gardens, and a member of the township beautification initiative. Through America in Bloom, she spearheaded a campaign which awarded Hershey “the most beautiful town” for its size. Ashie wants to continue to do what the trust has done for the past 20 years, and support other various beautification projects in addition to the the hanging baskets and holiday wreaths which decorate the downtown light poles, along with making the public more aware of the many projects the Trust has accomplished.

Andrew Bowman: Treasurer

Andy Bowman, son of the late Bill Bowman, was a founding trustee of the William S Bowman Trust in 1996.  Now a Sales Executive at The Hershey Company, Andy is a proud and lifelong resident of Hershey. His wife Rauna and their two children, Lydia and Brady, are also instrumental to the success of the Bowman Trust and active volunteers. Through the trust, Andy plans to continue his father’s vision and commitment to the horticultural beautification of Hershey through existing and future projects. Andy hopes the Bowman Trust’s efforts will make the community of Hershey a better place to live and visit.

Lydia Bowman

Lydia Bowman has been a junior advisor of the William S Bowman Trust since 2014. Lydia was always very well aware of the effects that her grandfather, Bill Bowman, had on the beautification of Hershey. Because of her young age, Lydia wants to help beautify Hershey so she, along with the rest of her generation, can enjoy the effects of the trust for many years to come. A goal of Lydia’s is to create more publicity for the trust, so it can continue to do what it has done for so long.

Bill Brandt

In 1998, Bill Brandt was hired by Bill Bowman at the Hershey Nursery and has worked closely with the downtown basket and Christmas wreath program initiatives.  Bill’s passion for the beautification of Hershey comes naturally, as it falls within his everyday job of providing landscaping beautification and enhancement for many of the Hershey properties. Bill wants to continue to provide beautification to the downtown light poles, and as the trust continues to grow, undertake more projects that add further horticultural enhancements for both the residents and visitors to enjoy.

Sarah Campbell

Sarah first became involved in the trust through the Hershey Horticultural society, which opened the doors for her to be apart of many other beautification and horticultural efforts in the town. Sarah worked to revitalize the Hershey Gardens, specifically helping to build the first Butterfly House with Bill Bowman.  Sarah greatly values the biennial garden tours, and feels as though they are a great way to highlight our area’s hidden treasures. In the future, Sarah vows to keep Hershey as beautiful as it can be.

Tom Clark

Tom Clark has been involved with the William S. Bowman Trust for about ten years, but has been involved in Derry Township for twenty five. Tom has been the director of Public Works for the past twenty years, although he was initially hired by the township in 1991 as a horticulturist, a job dedicated to keeping Derry Township as beautiful as possible. Tom had worked closely on several projects with Bill Bowman when he was the general manager at The Hershey Nursery, which translates into his present mission on the board: to integrate the Bowman Trust’s goals into township operations and goals as well.

Bob Good

Bob Good has been on the board of the William S Bowman Trust for 2 years. When he was in high school, Bob worked for the Hershey Nursery and was greatly inspired by Bill Bowman to pursue an education in the green industry. Bob is the owner of Good’s Tree Care and lives in Hershey with his wife Lisa and two sons. Through the years, he has enjoyed working on many of Hershey’s properties caring for their trees. Bob is grateful to be part of an organization that helps to enhance the beauty of downtown Hershey.

Sandi May

Sandi May, a previous Hershey Nursery and florist employee, holds two certificates of Merit from Longwood Gardens that entailed several years of courses, intense studies, and testing. Sandi has spent time volunteering as a guide at the Hershey Gardens, and is a past president of the Hershey Horticultural Society. As a member of the trust, Sandi wishes to see the fund grow in the upcoming years, and in effect make Hershey the most outstanding community, horticulturally speaking. Sandi feels as though she has an obligation to see the legacy that Bill started grow.

Ginny Suhring

Many years ago, Ginny walked the length of Chocolate avenue to count the kiss lights with hope and anticipation of one day hanging baskets overflowing with colorful flowers. Through her friendship with Bill Bowman, Ginny developed a passion to beautify downtown Hershey.  Ginny believes the lasting impact of Bill’s quiet wisdom through the years is evident in the town, Hershey Gardens, and the Bowman Trust. Ginny is grateful for supporters who work to continue his vision.

Katie McKinney-Gavazzi

Katie is the Board’s newest member, having joined The William S. Bowman Trust in May 2017.  She was an elementary school teacher in the Derry Township School District and is now a stay-at-home-mom.  Her interest in horticulture began in high school while working summers at the Hershey Rose Gardens.  As a neighbor and friend of Bill Bowman, Katie greatly admired his talents and valued his landscaping advice.  She was inspired by him to improve the beautification of her own downtown historic property.  Katie is a lifelong resident of Hershey and believes in the significance of beautifying the town for residents and visitors alike.