Bowman Trust Basket Care Tips


There are a few keys to keeping your hanging baskets healthy and thriving throughout the growing season. First and foremost, is to provide adequate moisture. Baskets should be checked daily for water needs, as we get into June, July, and August. Hanging baskets should be watered daily unless heavy rain has occurred. If a daily watering is missed one time during hot dry periods, it may cause a quick demise. Conversely, overwatering during prolonged wet periods as we saw in 2018 can also prove to be problematic. For ease of watering and to gauge soil moisture, a water meter can be purchased cheaply in most box stores. Secondly, a good fertilization program will promote strong healthy plants. For Petunias a fertilizer in the 20-3-19 range will be of great help. For most other hanging basket varieties, a fertilizer in the 15-16-17 range works very well. In May and June, fertilizing one time a week should be sufficient. As we get into July through September, two times a week would be ideal as most planting medium has started to lose nutritional value. The fertilizer options listed above also work well for flowers in beds. Finally, be sure to keep an eye on insects and plant diseases. Aphids, Mites, Corn Budworm (mostly on Petunias), and root rot diseases can be potential problems. In this case I would suggest taking a sample to a local garden center or Ag extension office for guidance.


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